Thursday, March 30, 2006

Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Hear while Sitting in a Dentist's Chair

10. "Welcome to the House of Pain."

9. "What time is the hearing on my dental license again?"

8. "Uh oh, we're out of Novocain."

7. "Nurse, did you replace the batteries in the defibrillator after yesterday's incident?"

6. "More disinfectant! Stat!"

5. "Dentures can look quite natural."

4. "Don't worry Doctor, I paid the malpractice insurance bill last month."

3. "So this morning I was performing a rectal exam on one of my cows, and…"

2. "You only chew on one side of your mouth anyway, right?"

1. "Hey! Where'd my ring go?"


  1. "Roll her over, I think the sedative is wearing off."

  2. No, that's one of the Top 10 Things I'd Say If I Were a Dentist...

  3. Sweet. My insurance doesn't cover that.


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