Saturday, June 03, 2006

The most fun I've ever had while standing up

My stand-up comedy class graduation was tonight. It went very well. The audience wasn't all that big -- about 60 or 70 people, I guess. Of course, it was a very friendly audience -- they were all there to see their friends and family do comedy. I was a little nervous -- not very, I've actually been more nervous doing the bits in class -- but nervous enough that I forgot to say three or four jokes (none major, I think) and I forgot to make funny faces while I was dancing, so I didn't get much of a laugh from the actual dancing, but I didn't freeze or lose my place or anything like that. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with my performance.

Like I said before, my set was way too long, so I cut it down to "It's not easy being big," "Do these pants make my thighs look big," "Disco ballet fever," and "Mr. Happy's hat is too tight." Biggest laughs at the beginning and end (Mr. Happy especially killed), but laughs all the way through. And I think I got the biggest laugh of anyone who did an obligatory gratuitous George W. Bush joke. (Mine was "Me trying to put on a Japanese condom is like trying to put Einstein's brain in George W. Bush's skull -- there's just too much bone.") So yeah, I'm pretty pleased. I think I'll be doing this again.


  1. I'm glad everything went well, so well that you're going to be doing stand-up comedy again. I'm not in the least bit surprised that "Mr Happy" got a lot of laughs, as it was that segment that really got me going.

  2. Thanks. We're going to watch the video tomorrow night at the class party, and then I'll see about getting a copy and getting something onto teh interweb.

  3. I like that idea so much, I wish that I had thought of it myself.

    I'm waiting...


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