Friday, July 07, 2006

World Cup

Sometimes it seems to me that people in foreign countries take this whole World Cup thing a bit more seriously than most Americans do.

This is simultaneously one of the coolest and one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I really like this kind of highlight video thing in general, with all its "human drama of athletic competition." (This one, for example, gives me chills, because I remember all of those moments when they actually happened.) I hardly understand any of the Spanish -- the theme seems to be something about blessings and curses -- but the thing I love about this video is its steadily rising note of hysteria and over-the-top imagery. By the time it gets to the bleeding tattoo (about 1:05 in) and the narrator is screaming "THE TOURISTS! THE REPORTERS! THE SPONSORS! THE FRIENDS!" or whatever it is, tears of laughter are running down my face. When he finally shouts "EL FUTBOL!" I fall out of my chair and roll on the ground until my laughter subsides.

And maybe the funniest thing of all is that it's a beer commercial. "Quilmes: the beer of the heart" I think it says at the end.


  1. I watched the World Cup in Mexico. The hotel lobby was packed with people that apparently didn't know that there was a pool and an ocean outside.

    They painted their faces for Italia and cried and embraced and gesticulated...

    I really enjoyed flipping over the VWs after the game.

  2. Maybe that's because Soccer ain't real football.
    "Brett is the MAN!"

  3. Ummm...maybe it's because I'm British, but I didn't find that commercial at all funny. It was more serious, exciting and inspiring, than funny. I felt all tingly as I was watching it, especially as it rose to a crescendo. It made me want to drink beer and watch more football...

  4. I do see the coolness, and it does make me want to watch soccer, but I think it's so over-the-top that it's funny. I mean, the bleeding and the religious statues and candles and the O-Fortuna-knockoff choir and the rising hysteria in the narrator's voice and then his exhaustion at the end... priceless.


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