Monday, October 02, 2006

I just happened to come across this new product, and I was so excited I registered on an internet forum so I could tell strangers about it

This spam just showed up in a forum I used to belong to and now lurk in once in awhile. (I'm not going to link to the forum, since its Great and Powerful Guide kicked me out -- why should I send traffic her way?) Anyway, the spam, which is a pretty common type, went like this:

"Someone sent me this exciting message. I watched the 'making of' program yesterday, and this looks like a great documentary—maybe even a good missionary tool. [etc.]"

Yeah, sure guy, it was so exciting that you just had to register on an internet forum you've never visited before so you could post it there. Happens all the time. Why wouldn't anyone believe that?

Seriously, what is it with people like this? Why do they pretend to have no involvement with whatever they're promoting? Why is it that they feel they have to pretend that they're a random person who randomly happened upon this random product and was so excited that they signed up on a random internet forum to talk to random strangers about it? Why do they think there's anyone dumb enough not to see right through them? Why don't they just say "I/my relative/my friend am/is involved with this product, and I think it's pretty good. Check it out if you're interested. Thanks."? That sort of ad would certainly have a lot more credibility with me than their dishonest stupidity does.

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