Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm in the doghouse

I'm on the doghouse, actually -- or my words are. Someone named Viviane e-mailed me from this architectural firm in Austin, Texas. She said they're making a doghouse for a charity event, and they wanted to use the text from this blog entry. They were kind of late asking me about it -- it was like the day before the contest or something -- and I kind of got the feeling they might have gone ahead anyway. Usually that kind of stuff annoys me and I might say "No" just out of crankiness, but they did ask me, and it was for charity, and it turns out that Viviane is quite hot, so what the heck. I said, "Yes." (I'll leave it to the reader to guess which of those three factors was the most decisive.)

Anyway, you can see the results here. It's a most unusual doghouse, for which they apparently won the prize for "most original." I guess I'm now a published author, even if it was published on the side of a combination doghouse-sofa.


  1. Hot chicks and doghouses...what's next?

    I thought this was a family blog.

  2. Not only that, it's a doghouse that turns into a sofa...

  3. My friend's mom built her dog a house that is nicer than mine. He even has a flat screen TV.

  4. That's a strange looking doghouse.


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