Saturday, October 21, 2006

North Korean news item of the week

Every week, I'll be keeping my readers (all three of you) up to date on important developments in the North Korean situation.

From Korea News Service:

Anniversaries of Works of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il Observed

Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- A seminar in the field of fine art took place here on Oct. 16 to mark the 40th anniversary of famous work of President Kim Il Sung "Let Us Develop Revolutionary Fine Art National in Form and Socialist in Content" and the 15th anniversary of famous work of Kim Jong Il "Theory on Fine Art." The speakers said that the famous work of the President scientifically clarified the characteristics of Juche-oriented fine art, its mission, content and style and specific ways of developing it, thereby providing important guidelines for developing the fine art of the DPRK into a revolutionary and popular fine art serving the Party and the revolution and contributing to the accomplishment of the people's cause of independence.

Kim Jong Il has glorified the President's idea and theory of Juche-oriented fine art, they noted, adding that he in his work explained the importance of portraying the leader in creating fine art in the era of independence for the first time in history and indicated the true way for the Juche-oriented fine art to creditably fulfill its revolutionary mission.

Thanks to the idea of developing fine art with main emphasis on Korean paintings the fine art of the DPRK has developed to be a genuine popular fine art which is distinctive in its national character and reflects the feelings and aesthetic taste of the people, they stressed.

They called for upholding the immortal feats performed by the peerlessly great men in the field of fine art and creating more fine art pieces representing the era of Songun


  1. Artists are so frequently misunderstood. I feel closer to Kim now.

    I try not to fall for artists anymore, but I feel a crush coming on.

  2. You could give him a makeover -- hair and wardrobe, for a start. People wouldn't worry half as much about his nukes if he just had a little style.

  3. Kim and I are going shopping next weekend. I see him in Armani and big aviator glasses.

    I'm trying to get a network to pick up Kim's makeover as a reality TV show. So far, no takers.


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