Monday, November 20, 2006

William Shatner is my friend

Yes, that William Shatner. So is Lou Reed. So are Mogwai, New Order, and UB40. Heh. I think MySpace is turning me into a fanboy, because I find myself absurdly pleased when famous people "add" me, even though I know it's really only people who work for a record company or publicist who actually do the adding, and I'm only one of thousands of their "friends."

I've also found that when -- as MySpace ettiquette demands -- you thank famous musicians (bands) for adding you, obscure bands will click on your comment and ask you to add them too. I always do, and I always listen to a little of their music. Unfortunately, it's almost always "meh" at best. Except the Sessions. I think they're brilliant. If you like music in the New Order/Cure/Killers vein, check them out.

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