Saturday, December 09, 2006

North Korean News Item of the Week

Pyongyang, December 6 (KCNA) -- Acrobatic show is going on amid the accolade of the audience at the Pyongyang Circus. [Still working on the bread thing, though.] The audience gives a rapturous ovation to the aerial stunts.
Acrobats skillfully turn treble and quadruple somersault to the delight of the audience.
In an interview with KCNA, Pak Su Ok, deputy director in charge of the art of the circus, said: We can say that the aerial stunts of Korea dominate the world. [Ingenious. Even the Brain never conceived of using aerial stunts to achieve world domination.]
It was at the 8th World Acrobatic Championship held in the UK in November Juche 72 (1983) that the aerial stunts of Korea made their debut on the international acrobatic stage. [A day -- er, month -- that will forever be remembered by acrobats everywhere.]
At the festivals, the Korean acrobats showed such high standard of technical movements as taking after quadruple backward somersault, taking after treble sideward somersault and long-distance flight. [Unfortunately, they lost points in the competition because no one knew what "taking after" a stunt meant.]
The Pyongyang Circus created "Iron Bar Aerial Flight" [iron bars being something with which many North Koreans are well acquainted], "Three-stage Trapeze Flight", "Multilateral Flying," "Somersault Flight," "Double Swing Flight" and others. They won top prizes in various international acrobatic festivals including the Wuqiao International Acrobatics and Arts Festival, Monte Carlo International Acrobatic Festival and Wuhan International Acrobatic Festival. The work "Flying Girls" [not to be confused with "Fly Girls"] has been a great hit in the international aerial acrobatics in recent years.


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