Sunday, December 17, 2006

North Korean news item of the week

From Korean Central News Agency:
December.16.2006 Juche 95

Presentation of Science and Technology of Mushroom Growing Held

Pyongyang, December 15 (KCNA) -- A national presentation of science and technology of mushroom growing was held in Pyongyang Thursday under the sponsorship of the Central Committee of the Korean General Federation of Science and Technology. It brought together scientists, technicians, teachers and cultivators who distinguished themselves in research and cultivation of mushroom. The attendants heard dozens of papers dealing with the achievements and experience gained in the tireless researches into the cultivation of more delicious mushroom of high nutritious value.

Also presented there were papers dealing with the ways of putting the mushroom growing on a scientific, intensive and popular basis including the measure for preventing damage by physiological diseases, specific features of insects harmful to the mushroom growing and ways of destroying them and experience gained by individual families in mushroom growing.

Prizes were awarded to those who proved successful at the presentation.
[Who said North Koreans don't know how to have fun?]


  1. There is a fungus among us...

  2. Making 'Shrooms now explains alot of K-town's problems. They're all high and hallucinating! That's why they are so mad at the time.

  3. You ever use Google Earth to take a tour of NK? It is a bizarre looking country even from a satelite view.


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