Monday, December 04, 2006

"Which NASCAR drivers are circumcised?"

One of the fun things about hit counters such as StatCounter is that they can tell you not only how many people visit your blog and approximately where they're from, they can tell you what search terms people use to find your blog.

This blog (TTANSOACW for short), for example, gets a lot of hits from people apparently looking for information on the Japanese word tsujigiri, "to try a new sword on a chance wayfarer," from which the blog gets its name.

Pop culture references also draw some traffic. TTANSOACW 's gotten quite a few hits from people googling Sarah Silverman's "I love you more than bears love honey" lyrics.

People have also come here looking for blogs that I link to. When the Danite's blog was off-line during his transition from Indianapolis to Idaho Falls, TTANSOACW got many hits from people looking for "Danite's blog." It's also gotten some from people looking for Mist's former blog.

Any sexual reference will also draw some hits. My recounting of my experience at jury duty, for example, drew an unexpected number of visits from people who googled "stupendous rack." (What sort of person, I wonder, googles "stupendous rack" rather than, say, "huge tits"?)

But my favorite google hits are from people who search for phrases but who, because they don't know how to use search engines effectively, instead get collections of words used in several different posts. And a couple of days ago, TTANSOACW got the king of all google hits. I'm not making this up -- indeed, I could not make this up -- but I got a hit from someone looking for... wait for it...

"Which NASCAR drivers are circumcised?"

I have to say, the idea that not only does someone want to know which NASCAR drivers are circumcised, but that they would come to my blog looking to find out just warms my heart. I <3 teh interwebs.

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  1. I always feel bad for people who Google honest questions. They are searching for sound advice and they find me. Poor bastards.


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