Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Barbaro: Rest In Perspective

Barbaro the racehorse was euthanized on Monday due to complications from the broken leg he suffered during the Preakness Stakes on May 20, 2006. Now, that's not happy news, to be sure -- he was a beautiful animal -- but some people seem to have lost all sense of perspective. It's easy to find people calling his death a "tragedy."

There's an on-line condolence form for the veterinary team that tried to save him. I find that odd enough -- they're vets, after all, it's their job to try to save animals -- but people aren't just writing the vets and saying things like, "Hey, good effort, sorry it didn't work out," they're writing to the effing horse himself! Here's some typical stuff:

"In Loving Memory of you Barbaro! You are everyone's Champion. You fought the fight with true Strength, Dignity & Grace. Thank you Champ!"

"Barbaro, a bible verse for you today. The Lord will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom. I know you are resting now and God is watching over you. He loves animals too. I will think of you often and remember your courage. I love you!"

"Barbaro, I saw you run looking so powerful and free.I saw you fall and still that powerful look was there.That power is still with you but you have are sharing it with everyone because you wanted peace for yourself. Be Strong, Be Free, Be Happy."

I mean, hel-LO! It's a horse for crying out loud! Horses can't use the internet! If they tried, their hooves would just mash up the keyboard! And horses can't read anyway! Dead horses can't read even more! They aren't just illiterate, they're dead!

When an animal dies, OK, it's sad. I get that. But let's have a little perspective here. It's not a tragedy. It's a dead animal. This is a tragedy. Every one of the red flags to the right represents one American who died in Iraq.

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Every one of the white flags represents up to six Iraqis killed since the war started.

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It's too bad that Barbaro died. But don't ever try to tell me that a dead horse is tragic.

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