Monday, January 15, 2007

Hair removal for men

A friend of mine showed up at the beach one time with all his body hair shaved off. (His visible body hair, anyway.) I said, "What the hell did you do that for?"

He said because his girlfriend wanted him too.

"Your girlfriend wanted you to?"

"Yeah, man. She was always complaining about it."

"What if she wanted you to cut off your dick too, would you do that?"

"I don't think she'd like that very much."

"Why not, she already cut off your balls. Making you shave off your body hair. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Just how whipped are you? "

"Man, you should try it too. I'm not kidding. At least shave your back."

"Shave my back? Shave my back! Listen man, women beg to comb my back. They get in fights over who gets to braid my back. Shave my back! Look here. This is a man's body:

All right? A man's body has hair on it. And another thing, a man's belly button has lint in it."

"Oh my God."

"Hey, if you think that's impressive, you should see what I can pull out of my ass crack."


  1. I pull stuff out of my a$$ daily. I like to call it writing a blog.

    As for body hair...I support hair removal. It's a fact. It makes you look bigger.

  2. I support some hair removal. Backs if too fuzzy - alot of facial hair - and the bikini ara of a guy as well needs to be trimmed up. Girls need smooth and cuddly just like you do.

  3. Mist,
    I'm already so big that I scare dogs and children. I don't need to look any bigger.

    I'm fluffy and cuddly.

  4. Um...ew? LOL.

    Moderation, my friend. A little bit of manscaping with the clippers wouldn't hurt anybody. Except if you try to shave your own backhair...

  5. Well folks, I'm the odd one here. I love hair on a man. A smooth man looks more like a little boy to me. I love beards and chest hair especially. If memory serves(it's been a long time) a beard tickles my neck just right.

  6. Oakley,
    I think a daily shampoo and blow dry is sufficient.

    That's what I'm talking about. Once you go fluffy, you never go back.

  7. Sheila & Kuri,

    For all my complaining, I have to agree, I love hair on a man, but, I appreciate if that hair is somewhat groomed, like a beard with a shaved neck...
    Nothing like a hairy chest against yours.

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  9. haha, body hair to an extent is ok. but when its a jungle out there, its just disgusting man. and if you really wantpermanent hair removal then you can just look for some methods there

  10. David,
    Australia seems like it might be just a little far for me to go for hair removal. Maybe you should spam more carefully.

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