Friday, January 05, 2007

Hey English people!

Why are you visiting my blog? Don't get me wrong; I love new visitors, especially from outside the USA. But I've been getting a bunch of visits from people in England searching for variations of "to try a new sword on a chance wayfarer." It's made me really curious. Are you all looking it up for a Japanese language class assignment or something?


  1. I had three visits to my blog yesterday from "sword chance wayfarer", "new sword passing wayfarer" and "trying out a new sword on a chance wayfarer".

  2. I can possibly assist you there; towards the end of this week's edition of Radio 4's topical satirical quiz programme, The News Quiz, the team were discussing their favourite words and one of them (Jo Brand, I think) recalled there was a Japanese word meaning 'to try out your new sword on a passer-by' which she thought was a very amusing concept (not for the passer-by, I suppose).

    This reminded me of a philosophical essay I'd read years ago, with the same title as your blog which examined the arguments for moral and cultural relativism using this Samurai practice as a test case. My recollections thus sparked, I was trying to find a reference to both the essay and the Japanese term (what is it, by the way?).

    Hope this helps.

  3. There is a topical comedy-quiz panel programme on BBC Radio 4 called "The News Quiz".

    On Friday 5th of January one of the participants (Jo Brand ) mentioned the fact that she thought there was a single word in Japanese for "trying out a new sword on a chance passerby" she could not remember the word, I suspect that the word that she had in mind was "tsuji-giri"

    For the next six days you will be able to hear the programme on the BBC
    "Listen Again" service. The discussion in question is about 23 minutes and 30 seconds into the programme.

  4. Yep that pretty much explains why I'm here too.

  5. yeah me three erm, four

  6. Tax,
    And now we know why. ;)

    Not Saussre, Grow, Bob E, and Mike,

    Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. Like Grow said, the word must be "tsujigiri."

  7. Well then, Bob's your uncle.

  8. Yeh, I'm here because I Googled the phrase, and it linked here, after hearing the News Quiz. Odd how people are drawn to a website isn't it...

  9. Snap... Intersting blog though - Thanks.


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