Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lousy audience

Supposedly, the last three audiences (when I wasn't there) were good, but last night they just weren't into comedy. They were there to watch the game on TV and then sing karaoke. Comedy was just the thing wasting time in between. So most of them just talked (loudly) amongst themselves until it was over. If I was getting paid, I could think "Five more minutes and I get paid," but for free it was a waste of time. Kevin (my comedy hero -- he auditioned last week for Def Comedy) didn't even bother to go on. Oh well.


  1. I thought it was funny... especially the midget *short people* jokes...

    Nuts over her...LOL

  2. D_K,
    They did pay slightly more attention to that, but as soon as I stopped talking about sex, they stopped listening.

    I said I like small women too. Geez.


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