Monday, January 08, 2007

Why I thank God I'm self-employed

I don't how to describe the kind of person who can sing this song not as a clever spoof of corporate values but as a celebration of those values or the kind of people who can stand up and applaud it instead of rolling on the floor laughing or bending over and vomiting. I just thank God I'm out of that environment and I pray I can stay out forever.

Just for comparison, here's how normal people react to the same song:


  1. I remember having to endure those kinds of gimmicks when I worked for a large publicly traded company.

    My best friend and I used to have a term for those meetings.....penis measuring contests. It was all bravado about how much better we were than the competition.

    But when they whipped out the songs, skits or independent movies I wanted to just hurl. The only nice thing was that they sometimes threw some non-crap SWAG at you

  2. i got nothing.

    well, a resounding WTF, but nothing more.

    bloody hell.

  3. D_K,
    I don't know. Can you sing?

    And the best part is that that guy's probably been downsized already.

    I was planning on a long rant about corporations, but what could I possibly say that would top that video?

  4. ::sings::

    I am a pretty little dutch girl...

    As pretty as I can beeeeeee

    and all the boys in the neighborhood....

    Go crazy over meeeeeee!

  5. Okay. I stopped the original clip even before he got to the chorus.


    If I was there, I'd be trying my damnest to cover my giggling as I made my way out of the room for a "female emergency" so I can laugh my ass off outside. That, I have done.

  6. the only thing scarier than a man who takes himself seriously is a corporate entity that takes itself seriously.

    we are ridiculous creatures. considerablly more so in large groups.

  7. awesome links. Thanks for the find

  8. Have you heard about Michelle Shepherd?
    She's leading the team in the north-east.
    And I'm sure that she'll continue...
    Until someone moves her cheese.

  9. I'm sure Michelle smells the cheese often, so she'll be fine.


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