Friday, March 23, 2007

10 more things I wonder about

I wonder about words a lot. Like,

1. What is the plural of "singular"?

2. If the plural of "tooth" is "teeth," why isn't the plural of "booth" "beeth"?

And foreign countries confuse me.

3. If people can marvel at things that are marvelous, can they travel to places that are travelous?

4. If people speak German in Germany, why don't they speak Hungar in Hungary?

5. In France, is a French kiss just called a "kiss"?

6. And what do they call Swiss cheese in Switzerland?

I also worry a lot about medical issues. Like,

7. What would happen if a werewolf bit a centaur?

8. And, how come cancer is the only disease that gets its own zodiac sign? ("What's your sign?" "I'm a Heart Attack." "Really? I'm Gout. We're very compatible.")

And I don't understand business very well.

9. If a pimp wants to dig up his garden, does he hire a gardener or just use his own hoe?

10. When burn victims are cremated, do they get a discount?


  1. i shouldn't even be commenting on this. i'll probablly earn myself a one way ticket to hades, but that last one was awesome.


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