Sunday, March 18, 2007

Idol thoughts

I think I've mentioned somewhere or other that my oldest daughter sings, and that she wants to try out for American Idol next season. This is the only recording I have of her singing. It's from a recent concert with her high school jazz choir. She'd actually be pretty mad if she knew I was putting this on teh interwebs, because she hates her performance. She was pretty upset when she heard it -- she was almost crying when she came home -- because she goes flat part way through. But some of it's quite nice, I think, and it gives a fair picture of where she is with her singing right now.

The flatness is from inexperience. (She's never had a lesson -- we can't really afford them -- so all her technique is from imitation and what she can pick up in her school choirs.) She has a good ear, but you know how your speaking voice sounds different to you on tape? The same thing happens with singing apparently. She was on pitch in her head, but went a little off for everyone else. She also needs to sing with more power, and she needs a lot more stage presence, but I think with a lot of hard work (she's going to get a job this summer and pay for her own lessons) it's not unreasonable for her to try out for something like American Idol.

I know some people who read my blogs are AI fans, and some of you are musicians. So tell me truly, am I another one of those delusional parents with a talentless kid, or is she actually pretty good?

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