Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lawn heretic

I don't get lawns. Apparently, many Americans aspire to have lawns that look more or less like this:

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I don't really understand the attraction. Aesthetically, I don't find it pleasing at all. It's all the same color and has almost no texture. It's smooth, sterile, and boring. It looks more like a pool table than anything you'd find in nature. And it's probably full of toxic chemicals. I can scarcely imagine it supporting any sort of ecosystem; surely no bugs nor any other non-grass lifeforms could survive in this green desert. Why would anyone want this in their yard?

I much prefer my own lawn:

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It looks fairly natural. Because it has more than one length of grass and more than one kind of plant, it has an interesting bumpy texture. And not only does it have more than one shade of green, it has pretty little yellow and white flowers. I find it much more pleasant to look at than any pool-table lawn. And if you imagine it supporting its own thriving mini ecosystem, you'd be right. My lawn has insects, it has spiders, it has snails and slugs, in the corners it has snakes, lizards, and salamanders. Birds come to my lawn to find food. And I like it that way.

Of course, this is heresy. An American lawn is supposed to be a smooth, flat carpet. In fact, one should aspire to creating a smoother and flatter carpet than one's neighbors have. Or so the fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide companies and the home and garden chains that sell their toxic products tell us. Well, I'm not buying. I'll stick with my bumpy, colorful, living, non-toxic, mostly grass lawn, thank you very much.


  1. I will not be happy until my lawn is up to the standards of the PGA.

    Plus, I'm mandated by the deed restrictions and covenenants of my neighborhood to made this attempt or they'll pay someone to do it and give me the bill

  2. I can understand that, if you're going to play golf on it. Otherwise, I think my lawn looks much better.

  3. americans are into sterility.

    the rest of the world is gleefuly awaiting the inevitable outcome.

  4. You have very nice bushy grass... I like it

  5. sorry to add an *eww* factor to your blog, kuri, but if i could just say to my wife ::

    likewise ;)

  6. Down with Golf Course looking yards! I love your grass Kuri! Keepin it real so to speak.

  7. Branamin,
    I guess that's better than having a grassy bush.

    DK and Mayren,

  8. yeah, then ya get goats grazing on it and that's just never good.

    (and now, with any luck, my wife will never come back to re-check these comments)

    hey, ya got rid of your *security* word. bravo!

  9. Yeah, I'll try it this way for awhile. But if I start getting spammed, I'll have to go back.


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