Friday, March 02, 2007

Nerds with Light Sabers 2!

The long-awaited (by everyone who saw Ryan vs. Dorkman) Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 is finally here. It's just two guys with fighting with light sabers, but this is seriously fun stuff. I know Ryan and Dorkman slightly on-line, and these are two very talented young film makers. If you dig mindless action (with light sabers!) that's inventive, energetic, and has a sense of humor, you'll love this. (Note that it is violent, about on a par with Revenge of the Sith. It may not be suitable for young children.)

I'm embedding the YouTube version here, but it really doesn't do the production quality justice. Go here to watch the HD version to get the full benefit of the cinematography and effects. You'll probably need to install the DivX software, and you need a really fast connection to stream it (download it if your connection is too slow), but it's like a hundred times better in full-screen high definition. (Also, you can buy the DVD and/or soundtrack at

(If you have trouble playing the DivX file after you download it, installing VLC should solve all your problems.)

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  1. They really upped the ante on the special effects this time. That was an awesome bit of lightsaber dueling


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