Saturday, March 17, 2007

North Korean news item of the week

From Korean Central News Agency of DPRK:

Bean Paste full of National Flavor

Pyongyang, March 15 (KCNA) -- March is most opportune for making bean paste in Korea.
Housewives made balls of steamed soybean in the beginning of the winter. Now they are making tasty bean paste with the fermented soybean balls with all sincerity. [Down with insincere fermented soybean balls of the imperialist running-dog lackeys!]

Dr. Kang Hui Ho at the Fermentation Institute [Hic!] of the Branch Academy of the Light Industrial Science under the State Academy of Sciences has been devoting his whole life to the research into soybean paste and soy. She said that the customs of making kimchi for winter in November and bean paste in March are inherent to the Korean people. [She noted, however, that gender confusion may be a side effect.]

The bean paste, which should be put on the sumptuous feast, is the essential foodstuff in the dietary life of the Koreans. [How's that workin' for ya?]

The bean paste has thousands of years of tradition in Korea. Ancestors found out that the fermented soybean is tasty and nutritious. They, therefore, started making bean paste and soy with steamed soybean to use them as essential foodstuff and seasoning. They even make stands for the bean paste jars in March habitually. [It's nice that the ancestors still have something to do every March, what with them being dead for hundreds of years and all.]

The Korean people are proud of bean paste. The folk method of making bean paste, along with the industrial method, is encouraged in the DPRK where the folk traditions are valued.

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  1. I thank the great leader for inventing bean paste only a few years after his father, the greater leader invented to soy bean for us to eat and enjoy. And I thank the great leader for restoring my sight and pledge to kill the Yankee with the great leader's new nuclear weapons.


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