Friday, March 23, 2007

Not updating my WP blog anymore

Well, I've been experimenting with keeping two identical blogs, one on WordPress and one on Blogger, to see which I like better. WordPress was much easier to use than Old Blogger, but with New Blogger there's really not all that much difference. Although there are some things I like better about WP, especially the commenting features, I find that on the whole I'm a bit more comfortable using my Blogger blog, most of my few regular readers come here, and I get more hits here most days.

So I've decided to end the double-blogging experiment and just post to this blog for the next few months. It's probably more a matter of what I'm used to than anything else. I plan to migrate to my own website sometime this year anyway, so when I do I'll reevaluate which platform to use. In the meantime, those of you who have been kind enough to blogroll my other blog, please change your link to:


  1. Sad.

    And now I'm gonna have to keep on logging in if I want to comment on something, which is a right royal pain in the arse.

  2. Sorry.
    You could just comment anonymously and put a "CY" at the end...

  3. yeah, pain in the arse!

    on the up side, you can read this one

    my favorite part is still the *word verification* that you seem to love so much over here.

    i'd love to meet the joker that came up with these. they are always entertaining.

    today's is chttyes (ala sh*t yes)

    they always say something. you just have to dig for it.


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