Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards

SkyWindows gave me a Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks, SkyWindows. The award is basically a "meme," because it requires winners to award it to five more "blogs that make you think." That's a bit of a problem, since I have about 30 blogs in my blogroll, and a lot of them are very good. But since some of my obvious candidates besides SkyWindows herself have already received this award, I decided I'd mostly step a little outside my small circle of mutual internet acquaintances for my awardees.

But my first award goes to a couple of people I've known on the internet for years. In fact, one of them was the first person I met on the internet who I ever told my real name. Curmudgeonly Yours and Islaskye are an English husband and wife team who do What Rocks. What Sucks. They write about slice-of-life stuff or whatever happens to catch their fancy. It's always amusing and interesting, and their posts about religion (they no longer believe in God) are especially thought-provoking.

My second award goes to the OakMonster. Oakley found my blog when I trolled the message board for a Joel Stein article at the LA Times. She got the joke, visited my blog, and has stuck with me ever since. Mostly she writes amusing stuff about her daily life, but her recent struggles with her mom's cancer and incompetent doctors have taken her blog to a different level of emotion and thoughtfulness.

Murketing is a project by Rob Walker, who writes the "Consumed" column for the New York Times. Murketing is a "hybrid business-and-anthropology" blog. Basically, it's about how consumers are reacting to stuff. It's a lot more interesting than I'm making it sound. ;)

No Mas is my favorite sports blog. Besides the regular kind of "what's going on in sports" articles you might see anywhere, it also offers cool features like the Knockout of the Week (it's in the blog's sidebar), fun stuff like the Top 23 Wrestlemania Moments, and thoughtful articles about people like Mike Tyson and Michael Ray Richardson. Definitely worth checking out. (It sells some pretty cool merch too.)

Last but definitely not least is To Do: 1. Get Hobby, 2. Floss. This blog features the picaresque and sexy adventures of Mist1. Mist and I go back a long way. I used to read her old pre–"Must Get Hobby" blog, and I think she was probably the first regular reader I ever got who didn't already know me on the internet. She's gotten mad popular, and deservedly so, but she still comes around to the old neighborhood and leaves a comment now and then. Anyway, her blog is consistently hilarious, as is her interplay with her readers in the comments section.


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. And thanks for reminding me of What Rocks, What Sucks. I haven't been there in awhile.

  2. Aw! Thanks, Kuri-san! (And by gosh I hope I use that right.)

    Promise to spread the word once I can actually post something. Tonight I only have time to read. :)

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Kuri. Especially, "always amusing and interesting" - wow.

    Oh, and do you love Kettle crisps so much that you don't allow comments, just in case someone says Kettle crisps stink. Wouldn't you be able to handle that or something?

    Kettle crisps are my favourite crisps, BTW.


  4. You're welcome Mist, Oakley, and Tax.

    And sorry about the no comments on the Kettle Chips post. I think that a Blogger bug or something -- that's the second time a post that I saved as a draft first posted with no comments allowed.


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