Tuesday, May 01, 2007

YouTube favorites

Time for more YouTube favorites. *Like always, asterisks mean possibly not safe for work, small children, or prudes.

*K, this isn't actually on YouTube, since apparently the Jim Henson Co. and YouTube have never heard that parodies are "fair use." (Bastids. And now apparently MySpace took it down too.) Anyway, it's not easy being green. In fact, it's f***in' hard. Poor Kermit.

I don't know -- and I don't care -- if the rumors about Carl Lewis being gay are true, but I do know that it's impossible for anyone to look any gayer than he does in this video.

MaryAnne "ysabellabrave" is a "YouTube star." Mostly she just looks at the camera and sings. She has a nice voice and she obviously l-o-o-o-o-ves to be on camera; she's quite charming. I think this kind of song, up-tempo and a bit old-fashioned, is what she does best.

Who says baseball players aren't athletes?

*Our Dead Comedian of the Month is Richard Pryor, the G.O.A.T.

Besides Jimmy Cliff on "SNL," the only time I saw somebody play on TV and then immediately bought their record was when I saw the Stray Cats on "Fridays" in 1981. Guitar, stand-up acoustic bass, and like half a drum kit (played standing up!). I'd never seen anything like it. I went down to Tower the next day. Their album wasn't even out in America yet, so I bought the UK import. Good stuff.

*Speaking of looking gay, somebody combined "Star Trek" with Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" to make what is probably the greatest slash video of all time. (OK, it's actually the only slash video I've ever watched, but it's hella funny.)

Baseball pitcher hits batter, batter charges pitcher, fight ensues: it's a regrettable but commonplace occurrence in the sport. At least in America; the sequence may not always apply cross-culturally.

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