Thursday, June 28, 2007

Caution: Starburst fruit chews may be chewy

According to this story on Faux News (found at News of the Weird Daily), a woman injured her jaw eating a Starburst and is now suing Mars Inc. for $25,000.

Apparently, she believes that the candy should have come with a warning that it's chewy. I guess in America, it's not enough to call your candy "fruit chews," you have to warn people that your chews might be, um, chewy.

Because otherwise they might not realize that a "chew" is "chewy," and they could hurt themselves. And that would be all your fault, for not warning them... according to this lady and her lawyer, anyway.


  1. Why am I always the last to think of brilliant law suits like this?

    I like yellow and pink Starburst.

  2. I'm going to sue the company that makes my liquid detergent, because they didn't warn me that it's wet.

  3. The lady who is suing here is total BS. Only in US can stupidity reign supreme and waste tax dollars this much.


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