Monday, June 25, 2007

It's hard to be humble, when you're Richard Dawkins in every way

Probably few if any people have noticed that my sidebar has a little "Books" section, with "Now reading," "Finished last week," "Books I've read in 2007," and "Next up" links. But anyway, since I have The God Delusion on hold at the library, I needed a link. What I found was the "God Delusion" page at Dawkins's own website. And it's one of the funniest things I've seen on teh interwebs lately.

According to the page, Dawkins is a "preeminent scientist" and "the world's most prominent atheist." He writes with "rigor and wit," examining God "in all his forms," and "eviscerates the major arguments for religion." The book "makes a compelling case" and "offers exhilarating insight." The Wall Street Journal says Dawkins's "literary craftsmanship" is "awe-inspiring." (The New York Times Review of Books, though, merely "hails" him. Wankers.)

Now, if these little hagiographic nuggets were found on the book publisher's website, for example, I would already find them a rather over-the-top. But remember, this is Dawkins's own website. This means that, in essence, the person praising Dawkins to high heaven (pardon the expression) is Dawkins. I mean, there's promoting yourself, and then there's blowing the lid off the Unintentional Comedy Scale. And this lavish self-praise proves Dawkins to be a, um, "preeminent" lid-blower.

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