Wednesday, June 06, 2007

One Sentence Movie Reviews: "Oldboy," "Seven," "Pan's Labyrinth"

Pan's Labyrinth (2006, R)

A little girl travels between mundane, ugly, and brutal Fascist Spain and a magical, beautiful, and brutal underworld to seek her destiny in this fantasy.

Seven (1995, R)

Grisly and gripping thriller with a savage twist at the end.

Oldboy (2003, R)

Inventive and original, shocking and repugnant, beautiful and redemptive (yet twisted even in its redemption), this is a marvelous work of art for people who can stomach it.


  1. Pan's Labyrinth had one really tough scene that shocked me with it's gore factor. I was grossed out in the scene with the two guys out after dark were being questioned.

    Nonetheless, my love for Spain has not diminished, however my fear of goats is at an all time high.

  2. Of course, there's also the, um, "cheeky" scene. And the scene when the Pale Man catches some fairies. Those were pretty gross too.

  3. Pan's Labyrinth had the moment earlier on where the Comandante smashes in the young boys face with his gun.


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