Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Well, yeah, but...

I showed the "Britain's Got Talent" opera guy video to my kids, and they loved it. So I showed it to my spouse, H, and the following conversation ensued.

H: "Well, I don't think his voice is that great."

Me: "What! But..."

H: "Well, that other guy's much better, isn't he?"

Me: "What other guy?"

H: "That Italian guy."

Me: "Italian guy... you mean Pavarotti?"

H: "Is that his name?"

Me: "The fat Italian guy with the beard?"

H: "Yeah, him. He's much better."

Me: "But this guy is a cell-phone salesman."

H: "I know."

Me: "And Pavarotti's the best tenor in the last 50 years, maybe the best ever."

H: "Yeah, he's much better."

Me: "Well, yeah, but..."

H: "I'm just sayin'..."

I really love H, but sometimes I think she's just a wee bit too practical.


  1. LOL! Your wife comparing a nobody to Parvatti... anyone would sound like crap compared to that!

  2. Kuri,

    Thanks for the good laugh.


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