Sunday, July 29, 2007

YouTube favorites

Time for more YouTube favorites

I guess Star Trek was a "spacey" show in more ways than one -- judging by this video, they should have called it "Star Trip" instead. But hey, it was the 60s.

And of course, in the name of equal time, here's a Star Wars video. This is just the first episode of "Annakin's Missing Teddy Bear." I think there are 11 episodes in all (but they're short, all well under two minutes). They get much better as they go along, but this should give you an idea of what the series is like.

You can find the whole list here.

Our Dead Comedian of the Month is Rodney Dangerfield. There's never been anyone better at the one-liner joke style of comedy. Here's a killer set from an old Tonight Show. (The sound is messed up on this one, so you might want to TURN IT DOWN before you play it.)

I can't get enough Rodney. here's some more.

And now for something completely different. Sports acrobatics is a sport I only recently heard of. Apparently, it combines elements of gymnastics, contortionism, and dwarf tossing. It looks pretty sick -- I'll leave it to you to guess which sense I'm using the word in. (It's pretty long, but watch it down to the 3:18 mark to see something you don't see every day. I think that may be dwarf abuse.)

Never bring a banana to a gunfight.

Here's a commercial for Wrestlemania. Seeing Taxi Driver before watching is not required, but will enhance your comedy experience.

Speaking of movies, an unexpected number of all-time classics feature balloons, as this compilation demonstrates.

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