Thursday, August 02, 2007

Like a good neighbor...

Malls today are laid out very scientifically. These stores are right next to each other at the local mall:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I bet this works well for the Christian Supply store. Religious people will walk by the Victoria's Secret store and think dirty thoughts (and maybe buy some lascivious underwear), but then they'll feel guilty and go right into the Christian Supply store to make themselves feel better. Marketing genius.


  1. You are right that is an eye catcher.

    I am a Christian. I wouldn't say I'm religious. From your post I glean two assumptions which I don't think are true. (1) sex = bad, dirty and (2) guilt => do good to lift it

    (1) is simply not true and (2) doesn't work

    But hey then after I walk into Vicoria's I buy my wife new lingerie and at the Christian Store a book on "Godly Sex" and have a fun evening (with my wife ;-).

  2. Paul,
    Actually I was spoofing those assumptions. I suspect that the locations of the stores is nothing more than coincidence. I just thought it's an amusing juxtaposition of the "sacred" and the "profane" and the way both are marketed.

  3. Ok well then tis was a case of "taken-too-seriously" ;-) I guess marketing people don't really care. They just analyze customer behaviour and try to maximize their profit if they in deed were placed this way by intention.


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