Monday, August 27, 2007

That's very rude

I guess Simon Cowell's UK version of American Idol has started up again. Here's the worst contestant they've ever had. Rachel Lester shows up in denim capris, high heels, and a sports bra, answers the question "What do you do for a living?" with "Nuffing, I'm lazy at the moment," brags all about how good she is ("I can sing be'er than Madonna"), chews gum, bugs out her crazy-looking eyes at the judges (Cowell, Ozzie Osbourne's Wife, Kylie Minogue's Little Sister, and Some Guy Named Louis), tries to take the overhead mic off the boom, sings poorly, says "That was very good, wasn't it?", and then curses out the judges after Simon tells her how bad she is.

The bad words are all beeped out, so you don't get the full effect, but trust me, I've seen a transcript and she's even fouler than you'd imagine. A security guard (I'm pretty sure I've seen his twin brother in a movie, BTW) finally has to escort her out. Along the way, she brags some more about how she's "done her own cassette," and Ozzie's Wife pwns her with "Nobody does cassettes anymore, it's called a CD." To which Rachel replies with stunning narcissism and a complete lack of irony, "That's very rude." Poor Kylie's Little Sister looks terrified. (Wish I'd been there to comfort her. She's a cutie.)

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