Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Good reads/random cool sites (07.10.09)

Right-wing pundit Fred Barnes blows the lid off the Unintentional Comedy Scale (Political Edition):
In October 2002, Barack Obama made what in retrospect was a remarkably clear-headed speech in opposition to war with Iraq. In Fred's Barnzarro Universe, however, being right about a vitally important national security issue when most people were wrong makes Obama weak on national security.
(Via Paul Krugman)

Conservapedia is a "conservative" wiki. Reminiscent of past attempts to enforce concepts like "Communist science," it promotes an America-centric, evangelical Christian, right-wing worldview. It does "not allow liberal censorship of conservative facts." Its earnest stupidity makes many of its articles quite comical. The one on Atheism is one of my favorites. It includes these "reasonable explanations for atheism":
Moral depravity
State churches
Poor relationship with father

NFL TV Distribution Maps
Wondering which NFL games will be shown in your area next Sunday? You can get maps for the morning and afternoon games here.


  1. And Christians call atheists obstinate - atheism is NOT the denial of the existence of any god or gods.

    This is something that really gets my goat.


  2. Don't be so superficial. ;)


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