Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good reads/random cool sites (07.10.16)

Conservatives are awful people, continued
OK again, not all of them, but what kind of person reads a story like this about a veteran seriously messed up by post-traumatic stress syndrome (and maybe a brain injury) and immediately thinks, "Sounds like a lazy faker to me"? Goodness gracious sakes alive. (Via Sadly, No!)

Sorry, I'm still a little pissed off about that one. What a piece of work. Anyway...

Watching Pingu always cheers me up
Pingu the penguin goes ice fishing. He's having a good time, until his friend Robby the seal decides to play a trick on him...

Back to a more serious subject,
The mayor and aldermen in Dover, NJ, are working hard to keep our gumballs safe from terrorists
From the Star Ledger (via News of the Weird, of course):
Three Dover officials say they've found a serious homeland security threat to chew on: gumballs.
They worry the colorful round treats could be poisoned by an enterprising terrorist who sees them as bait for unsuspecting targets -- young kids.
...the three aldermen are in the middle of a nine-month inspection of Dover's coin-operated gumball and candy machines. Thus far, they have surveyed 103 local businesses about their machines.
Already they say they've discovered more than 100 unlicensed coin-operated machines in town -- many filled with gumballs, jawbreakers and other candies they call perfect for potential terrorists.
The security threat should be "looked at seriously in light of what has happened so far," said Poolas. "Someone who wanted to do harm really could."

Um-hum. Ain't democracy grand? Anybody, and I do mean anybody, can be in the government.

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