Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday sports report on my favorite teams (10/8/2007)

  • • San Diego Chargers (2-3): Beat Denver 41-3. Finally, finally, they played well. (Although they're still not generating much of a pass rush -- only one sack.) This season has been so frustrating. I'm kind of used to them sucking, but I'm not used to them sucking when they're supposed to be good. I don't have any confidence in them at all right now. But they're lucky that the rest of the division is so bad that 10-6 is likely to win it, so they don't have to be great to get into the playoffs. They will have to be great to beat Indianapolis and/or New England once if they get there though.
  • • University of Oregon football (4-1): They had a bye week, allowing them to cleverly move up a couple of spots in the polls (#9 AP, #8 USA Today) because so many other teams lost. Next up is Washington State (2-4), which hasn't beaten anyone good this year, although they made ASU beat them on a last-minute field goal on Saturday.
  • • Los Angeles Lakers: First exhibition game is Tuesday night.
  • • San Diego Padres: Brian Giles had microfracture knee surgery, also known as "career-ender knee surgery" BAS.*
*Before Amare Stoudamire

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