Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday sports report on my favorite teams (10/15/2007)

• San Diego Chargers: 28-14 over Oakland. It was a good win. LT2 ran for 198 yards and four touchdowns. The defense came up with 6 sacks, 2.5 by Merriman, so that was good. But basically all this means so far is that they've finally achieved mediocrity. They've got a long way to go.

• University of Oregon Ducks football: 40-0, 390 yards of total offense... and that was at halftime. Their 53-7 win over Washington State was not as close as the score indicates. Very nice win, although Wazoo sucks, so it doesn't mean that much. But they had two bad injuries: tailback 1B Jeremiah Johnson and WR Cameron Colvin are gone for the season. They still have a great tailback in Johnathon Stewart, but Colvin's the second flanker to go down this season. They're down to a white guy at wide receiver! Things don't look good for the home team. (Shut up, it's just a joke.)
Anyway, they moved up to no. 7 AP and no. 6 USA Today, and most importantly to no. 10 BCS. They'll have to win out to get a BCS bowl. It'll be tough -- they still have Washington, USC, ASU, Arizona, UCLA, and their rivalry game with Oregon State -- but not impossible. They're better than all those teams but USC, and USC is looking pretty discombobulated right now. The Ducks just need to take care of business against the other guys and get a little luck against SC.

• LA Lakers: It looks like Jerry Buss seriously intends to trade Kobe. Words cannot express how much this sucks. It'll be like the early 1990s all over again, when Vlade Divac was the best player on the team. Oh, God.

• San Diego Padres: Trevor Hoffman had minor elbow surgery. He slipped a lot this year. Seven blown saves was the most he's had since 2000, and two of them kept the Padres out of the playoffs. His strikeouts per nine innings pitched were his lowest ever, although his WHIP is still pretty good. The problem with guys like Hoffman who've been so good for so long and are good guys is that they always stick around too long. Even though Heath Bell is probably better than him now, you can't just cut or trade a guy like Hoffman, or even demote him to set-up guy, until he starts to really suck.

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