Friday, October 12, 2007

Which way is she rotating?

Clockwise or counterclockwise? Can you reverse her spin?

The strange part of the illusion is that not only is the rotation reversible, when she rotates to the right it's her right leg that sticks out, and when she rotates to the left, it's her left leg. (If you can't make her reverse, cover up everything but her foot and try to make it change direction.)

Via Bad Science (in the sidebar)


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  2. Hi Kuri,

    I just stared at that dancer's legs for two whole minutes and could only see her turning clockwise. I guess that proves I have no logical side or something, right? :P

    Thanks for checking out my site!

  3. Hi Jackqueline,
    Thanks for stopping by. It seems to only go in one direction for most people, but it spontaneously reverses for others. (I have to work at it.)

  4. Sorry about the deleted comment Kuri, I had a typo...kinda anal about typos! :)

  5. I can change the direction, but I have to concentrate first.

  6. Here's the fun part. The first time I see this, she was going counter clockwise. I unsuccessfully tried to reverse her.

    I walked over to my husband to show him. Now she's going clockwise. Then my husband piped in, "She's counter clockwise". And I'm staring at her going clockwise for me.


  7. It starts out clockwise for me, but I can change her direction by concentrating on her shadow. Then if I concentrate on her foot I can change it back.

  8. Well, this is weird...

    I saw counter at first and then she changed to clockwise and then changed back! No - I did not have to concentrate...

    Anyone else's brain flip back and forth this way? LOL


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