Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday sports report on my favorite teams (11/19/2007)

San Diego Chargers: Lost to Jacksonville 24 - 17. I officially give up on this season. (Yeah, right. I wish I could quit them.) They might somehow back into the playoffs, just because their division is so lousy, but there's no hope of them winning a playoff game. (Not that they have since 1994, anyway.) Last year they would have beat the crap out of a team like this. Philip Rivers remains awful. He actually seemed OK on passes up to about 20 yards, but on long passes he looked like he was just heaving the ball and hoping the receiver could make a play. I guess that's progress from last week, when he couldn't even hit guys on short routes.

General manager A. J. Smith destroyed this team by handing it over to Norv Effing Turner. Note to A. J.: past performance is a predictor of future results. Turner has never been a good head coach; he never will be. And the new defensive coordinator, Ted Cottrell, is even worse. His schemes are so lackluster that the Chargers will be lucky to get half as many sacks as last year, when they led the league. All that's left now is playing out the season and then trying to hire Bill Cowher.

University of Oregon Ducks football: Lost to Arizona 34 - 24, ending their national title hopes. Dennis Dixon tore his ACL two weeks ago, then tried to play against Arizona anyway. That didn't work too well, but I respect his courage in trying. He's replaced by Brady Leaf, who stank up the place against Arizona, but actually isn't a bad QB. He would start for a whole lot of schools, and by all accounts he's nothing like his brother Ryan, i.e., he's a hard worker and a good guy. (But he looks so much like his brother that every time I see his face I get these horrible flashbacks. I'm not kidding.) Anyway, I doubt the Ducks are even a Top 10 team without Dixon, but if they win their last two games against UCLA and Oregon State and USC beats Arizona State, they'll go to the Rose Bowl.

University of Oregon Ducks basketball: They're 4 - 0 and ranked 11th and 12th in the polls. And they look like they're really that good. Of course, UCLA and Washington State are ranked 1st and 9th, respectively, so the Ducks've got their work cut out for them.

LA Lakers: They're 6 - 3, which is actually pretty good for them. They've been playing well. And Kobe's still a Laker.

San Diego Padres: Jake Peavy was unanimously voted the National League Cy Young Award as the league's best pitcher. The question now is, will the Padres offer him money near enough market value to get him to sign a long-term contract?

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