Thursday, January 31, 2008

Best of kuri's Blogroll 2007

Here are the best posts of 2007 from participating blogs in my blogroll. All selections were made by the authors themselves. Thanks very much to everyone who sent me a post. Thanks to Jon Swift for this very interesting idea. (Posts are linked in the order I received them. If you haven't sent me yours yet, feel free; I'll be happy to add it.)

Ben Warner at Community Indicators looked at what bicycle riders tell us about their communities in Indicators on Two Wheels: Measuring Bicycles?

Stephen J. Dubner at Freakonomics Blog asked How Much Does the President of the United States Really Matter?

At Grumpy's Hollow, Grumpwurst called for some consideration of other visitors by asking Do you know what your Theme Park Footprint is?

Sky Windows vlogged about how much her daughter overcame in the year after she was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in We’ve come a long way baby!

At Rae's Place, Rae wrote about the snippets of Memories that cascade through her mind during the holiday season.

At the Mutt's Nuts, IslaSkye described how her Dangerous Thoughts led her to question her Mormon faith, and Curmudgeonly Yours how he struggled to retain his independence by Resisting the Mormon melting pot.

At juggling Cats, Brahnamin told about how he discovered he is his father's son but not his father in sins of the father.

At murketing, Rob Walker discussed the biggest changes in his lifetime and before in Totally wildly unprecedented change … and its precedents.

At OakMonster's Den, Oakley wrote of her disorientation after returning from her mother's funeral in Thailand in Time Travel.

CV Rick told of how religiosity stripped his father of the joy he once felt in music in Growing Up Mormon - The Record Albums.

At Cosmic Variance, Sean described how physics gets done in Anatomy of a Paper.


  1. Thanks for the link to my blog

  2. excellent post, master kuri, tester of new swords and slayer of wayfarers!

  3. Isn't it your birthday today?

    If it is, happy birthday!

    If not, happy early or belated birthday!

  4. Great collection of posts . . . I've been reading them all and haven't been disappointed by any.

  5. Ray,
    Thank you.

    Brahnamin & Rick,
    Yeah, this worked really well; people sent me some great stuff to link to. I'm definitely going to do this every year.

    Mystery Friend,
    Indeed it is my birthday, thank you.


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