Monday, February 25, 2008

Beat kuri's Quiz Score!

European geography
kuri's score: 122/138 88% (Damn those pesky Balkan and Baltic states!)

US geography
kuri's score: 145/150 97%

US civics
kuri's score: 56/60 93%


  1. I didn't beat your score.

    Only 143/150 on the US Quiz.

  2. I got 136/138 on the Europe quiz and 150/150 on the US quiz. But then, my kids did a unit on world geography just a couple of years ago.

    You beat me on the civics quiz though: I only got 52/60.

  3. I tied you on the civics quiz, beat you by a question on the US geography, and was drubbed by you on European geography (105). I'm declaring you the winner.


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