Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Best of kuri 2006

My best blog posts from 2006:

My oldest daughter seems to be A chip off the old block in some ways. I don't know if that's a good thing.

In 1955, Satyajit Ray made a movie about my life. It's called Pather Panchali.

When I was a Mormon missionary in Japan, there was a Rat in me kitchen.

Sometimes I get e-mail from complete strangers. How do they know so much about me?

I got called to jury duty. Thus began The Adventures of Stupendous Rack Girl and Well Hung Man.

Three word funny is a game where you take a series of three-letter combinations and try to make a dialog out of them.

In April, I not only watched an LDS General Conference, I blogged about it in Salt Lake Conferencial.

Take it from me, It's not easy being big.

I'm Big in Japan too.

Not only that, In Japan, I'm a black man.

Here's a short post about how I used to date a midget. ("Short" post -- get it?)

We call our youngest child Mommy and Daddy's Little Accident.

It's impossible to drive more than five minutes with children before they start asking "Are we there yet?"

But a family sing-along can help pass the time. Especially with lyrics like "DEATH! BLOOD! HELL! SATAN!"

My Dad wasn't abusive, exactly, but he was kind of cheap.

My neighbor and her dog used to engage in the same dialog every day: "Woof-woof!" "AUSTIN! AUSTIN!" (That post ended up printed on a doghouse, believe it or not.)

Ever wonder who first came up with the idea of paralyzing facial muscles with deadly poison in order to make someone look better? Botox, anyone?

Some people wondered how I ever ended up becoming a Mormon, so I explained in verse, with apologies to Bob Dylan.

The 2006 season was the 37th season I'd been a San Diego Chargers fan. I recounted my sad history with the team, including not getting laid in Miami after the greatest game ever because my grandmother didn't die, and asked if it was finally safe to trust them in San Diego Super (Bowl?) Chargers. (Of course, it wasn't.)

I uncovered Arthur's Hidden Agenda on the PBS kids show.

My most embarrassing Christmas moment happened on December 16, 2006.

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