Friday, February 08, 2008

Good reads/random cool sites (2/8/2008)

You're all doomed, doomed I say!

If you don't know the Bristol Stool Form Scale, you don't know sh*t. (OK, I totally stole that line from News of the Weird Daily, but it's the obvious line. Anyway, here's hoping you have a Type 4 day. Or is Type 5 actually better? I don't know which is better in the medical sense, but personally, a Type 4 definitely gives me more of a sense of accomplishment.)

Topless Robot has The 10 Star Wars Toys that Unintentionally Look Like Other Celebrities. I think they cheated, though, because nothing will convince me that the General Rieekan doll isn't really a John Kerry doll.

At, Wright Thompson describes how the breakdown of China's national sports system is leaving athletes Hanging by a Thread.


  1. Thanks. I was eating my muesli when I clicked your crap link.

  2. It isn't a crap link, it's a very nice link.


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