Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Monday Sports Report on Tuesday

Super Bowl wrap up:

Well, I got the score half right: "New York 17". The Patriots just didn't hold up their end. Tom Brady would have been MVP if the Pats had held the Giants at the end. And Manning only had a decent game. He didn't deserve to be named MVP. His biggest play was a 50-50 ball that he just heaved into space, and David Tyree made a great/lucky play to beat Old Man Harrison. A lot of safeties in the League would have come down with that ball, or at least knocked it down. Then everyone would have been talking about how Manning panicked and threw the ball up for grabs, and about how bad he looked on that final drive. Instead, Tyree makes a play to bail him out, and all of a sudden Manning's the MVP. I'm not buying it. Justin Tuck was the real MVP of that game. The Giants pass rush won that game, not their quarterback.

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