Sunday, March 02, 2008

Best of kuri 2007

My best blog posts from 2007:

During my brief time in academia, I created a Final exam in International Relations.

Hair removal for men is ridiculous.

I wrote a Haiku about crocodiles.

Barbaro the horse died. That was sad, but not a tragedy.

Killing is fun... when you're doing stand-up.

I'm a Lawn heretic.

My Uncle Herman was murdered.

The worst musical performance in the entire history of the world illustrates what's wrong with education in America. In fact, it's the American education system in microcosm.

American Virginia Tech killer Seung-Hui Cho died for somebody's sins, but not mine.

My toilet paper always tells the truth.

The motto of the University of Oregon is "Mens agitat molem." I created an illustrated translation.

I prefer boxing to Chess, as long as I get to choose my own weight class.

Strange people show up at church sometimes. One of the most memorable occasions was when Mr. Free-Love Religion met the Law of Chastity.

I was kind of excited about Paul the Carphone Warehouse salesman winning "Britain's Got Talent," but my spouse was more practical. In fact, she left me with nothing to say but, "Well, yeah, but...."

Out of over 300 posts since I started blogging, the one that got the most individual hits and comments was the one where I wrote about how some Dumb sneaky bastards in the UK tried their Global Sweepstakes Prize scam on me. The post turned into the go-to spot for people looking for information the scam.

I reviewed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, if anyone still cares.

As a publicity stunt for the Simpsons Movie, someone painted a giant Homer Simpson next to the Cerne Abbas Giant. Some British Pagans were not amused.

I explained How to play cricket, for Americans.

I couldn't make up my mind whether the Picture of Ian Fleming on my copy of Casino Royale is cool or lame.

I wrote about feeling a little sorry for Michael Vick -- and about sadism, vengeance, and hypocrisy -- in Sympathy for a Devil?

When I was about four years old, I thought that I was a little boy who was kidnapped.

I described the nightmare of having an "AMC guy" for a father in Gremlins and Hornets and Pacers, oh my!

In her Sunday School class, my daughter learned that I can love others... if I get them really drunk first.

I jumped on the lolcat bandwagon with lolcat Oswald and lolcat Jew.

I find ornithology fascinating, because I like tits.

Mitt, we hardly knew ye, but while you were around, we learned that Mitt Romney hates atheists.

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