Friday, March 07, 2008

Eva Cassidy

There's been some discussion on teh intewebs lately about the late Eva Cassidy, because some kid on American Idol used an arrangement of "Imagine" that was obviously based on her version. Some people have even been calling it "plagiarism," which I think is silly; it's more of a tribute than anything else, and a testament to the kid's good taste.

But one of the things that surprised me about the discussion was that it seems a lot of people still have never heard of her. She never hit the "big time" -- she died of cancer in 1996 -- but she had one of the most beautiful voices anyone's ever heard. I could say a lot more, but I'll just let you watch this piece the news show Nightline did about her a few years ago.

Parts 2 and 3 are after the jump.


  1. You've inspired me to search for my Live at Blues Alley cd - it's been forever since I listened to it.

    And I'm glad that she never made it "big time" as I can't help but wonder if it might have changed her sound somehow. Though it's sad that she's no longer around.

  2. I've been listening to Songbird and Time after Time.
    Yeah, I wonder if she would have given in and commercialized.

  3. Well, this is the first time that I had connected the two or three songs I've heard with a singer and the singer with a story. Thanks.


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