Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday I'm in love...

...with Icy Spicy Leoncie!

I guess she can introduce herself better than I can:
LEONCIE IS A GENIUS SINGER-SONGWRITER,OF INDIAN-PORTUGUESE Origin and a Qualified Musician, who has studied Western Classical Music from Trinity College Of Music London. She has a Very Strong Musical Background and comes from a Family of Excellent Jazz Musicians who were also Bollywood Musicians. Leoncie is a Excellent Jazz Singer as well, and has been told that she has a Black,Powerful,SpineTingling Voice.
Spectacular Leoncie is the Instrumentalist of all her songs,she arranges,produces and performs all her music.
And she's from Iceland.

This song is called "Killer in the Park," and as one commenter on its YouTube page said, "This really captures the upbeat, happy-go-lucky lifestyle of a serial killer."

And "Sex Crazy Cop" movingly captures the relationship dynamics of modern life. Tell me these lyrics don't speak to you:
You are just a lousy cop and not some great detective
You pick up all those sluts from the street
And screw them in secret
If that's not enough
You go to those pole clubs for more
Cheap sex!
You bang them in the morning
Bang them every day
Come home in the evening
Sayin' it's OK
Ohhhh, cheap sex!
Ohhhh, cheap sex!
Ohhhh, cheap sex!
Ohhhh, cheap sex!

(Giant h/t: Beware of the Blog)

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  1. Sounds like a cat drowning in a bucket of water (not that I've ever tried to drown a cat in a bucket of water - my wife would kill me!).


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