Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good reads/random cool sites (3/11/2008)

Guerrilla performance art group ImprovEverywhere has a new video up: "Food Court Musical"

As everyone who would possibly care knows by now, Obama adviser Samantha Power had to resign after she called Hillary Clinton a "monster" in an interview with UK journalist Gerri Peev. Tucker Carlson had a curious reaction when he had Peev on his show. He asked her if she didn't realize that powerful people will stop talking to journalists if journalists aren't nice to them. So much for the supposed adversarial relationship between the press and politicians. Glenn Greenwald has more (with bonus Jeremy Paxman interview videos).

Sometimes trucks crash. When they do, sometimes they spill stuff on the road. And as TruckSpills.com proves, sometimes that can be pretty cool (h/t: News of the Weird Daily).

Finally, in the "it's never too early to plan your Christmas shopping" category, here's the perfect gift for the children of Bush Administration officials: The Torture Device Coloring Book (h/t: murketing).

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  1. I love the truck spills site. It's fascinating.


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