Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tinker Bell the bunny boiler

Last week I watched Disney's animated Peter Pan for the first time since I was a small child. I found it quite enjoyable, especially any scene with Captain Hook in it (although unfortunately the film's stereotyped depictions of American Indians are grotesque by today's standards).

The thing I found most fascinating, though, is that Tinker Bell is actually nothing like what I'd thought. I'd thought that she was cute, flirtatious, independent, a little vain maybe, but still pretty cool. In Disney's Peter Pan, though, Tinker Bell is actually -- not to put to fine a point on it -- a psycho killer. She's a regular bunny boiler.

Because Tinker Bell is jealous of Wendy, she tries to murder her. (And why does Tinker Bell like Peter Pan that much in the first place? She's in late adolescence if not early adulthood, but Peter's voice hasn't even changed yet. The whole relationship is a little creepy if you ask me.) Tinker Bell tells the Lost Boys that Wendy's a bird and Peter Pan wants them to shoot her out of the sky. And there's no way around it -- Tinker Bell's not just being mean to Wendy or playing a trick on her, she's trying to kill her. Her plot almost succeeds too, but Peter Pan swoops in and saves Wendy before she can fall to her death.

When that plan fails, Tinker Bell conspires with Captain Hook to have Wendy kidnapped by his crew of pirates. It doesn't take much imagination to know what a ship full of pirates would do to a little girl after they kidnap her, but does Tinker Bell care? Hell, no. She just wants a potential rival out of the way.

It's all a bit much, if you ask me. I mean, if Tinker Bell was an American, Republicans would be clamoring to have her tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison. And this is the character that Disney chose to represent its "magic" -- a pedophilic would-be murderer and kidnapper? What were they thinking?


  1. I had the very same reaction when I saw Disney's Peter Pan for the first time recently.

  2. I don't think that word means what you think it means...

  3. WHy don't you all think of how things were back in the time that movie was made, it was a fun and adventurous movie for kids and even adults at that time, if you haven't noticed they have worked on changing Tink's image to suit today's society. yes tink was a bit Vial back then but she has come a long way, and if you think about it what else could she do being her size and she loved another that was being picked up by someone else, Personally I think you should watch more Past cartoons and see how Kill happy alot of them were take Tom and Jerry for instance, they are always trying to kill each other and also Bugs bunny and elmer Fudd COME ON These are the Characters we grew up with and yea do you actually see any Blood and crap on them other than if they did something like Prick their finger Honestly Tinker bell is the least of your worries if you want to get on this subject, about Violent Cartoon characters.
    Just think of Tink as being Territorial and mind you she is not a human sort of speak she is a creature, Just like alot of animals. so cut her some slack.

  4. a) Tink had no business being in love with a little boy, b) being smaller than your rival is not a good reason for murder, and c) if Tink is a creature, not a human, she's a creature not fit for human society. Other than that, though, I guess she's OK.

  5. So maybe they should take Tom and Jerry out of Human society and half the other toons that we used to watch Maybe we should make our childern watch all this really kiddie shows till they are 18 years old and then don't know crap about real life and what other people do and then one day they will go beserk over the smallest thing Because of an over protective parent, GROW UP!!! yes Kids are going to see Violence once in a while and yea theres some in cartoons and crap, theres also a reason for that its called letting kids and people know that theres crap out there like that and that Maybe that sane parent or significant other could one day Go psycho and no it really is not because of TV and games, Not all of it. alot of it is there to learn that YES There are crazy people out there and if you think of it the world is over populated from the good old days and there was even violence then even in the west, HUMMM I wonder how many people got shot back then, even in front of children, so you want to talk about Not fit for society, Humans are one of the very few creatures on this earth that kill our own Kind and you say a Pixie is not fit for Human society, now also the part about Tink being in love with a Human, How many times has someone fallen in love with something or some other animal, for crying out loud there was some lady that married the Eiffel Tower and some man that married his pet. so Honestly I think Tink would fit right into this society we call Human, maybe we should call it BEAST Society, or would that be too inhumane For you, so Kuri Do me a favor and re think some of that, and re think how reality is, theres alot of Killing that gose on every day and you think a Pixie is a problem, also think how you turned out in life after watching alot of the past movies, Maybe you should go back and watch them, Probably not, you would probably get inline with that woman that tried to file a lawsuit over the Image of the original cover of the Little mermaid when it first came out.

  6. I see. So your theory is that watching sadistic murderous cartoon cats and dogs and psychotic homicidal pedophile pixies helps teach children about the real world. You must live an interesting life.

  7. Question what cartoons did you watch when you were a kid? Would you know if things were wrong or right if some of the shows showed them doing things wrong and then maybe no hero saved them yea tinkerbell dose something wrong but dosen't Peter pan stop her? in Tom and Jerry isn't there a Human type figure that scolds the cat when he wrecks the house, Kids see the consequences as well when they watch that and a lot of the actions that go on even after they do the wrong thing Hook was a roten mean Pirate that was always mean and what happened to him, he was punished, Tink got punished as well did she not?

  8. Cartoons?! When I was a kid, we didn't watch your violence- and lust-filled cartoons, we read Shakespeare and the Bible.


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