Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday I'm in love...

...with Dragnet!

Like I said yesterday, I've been having a lot of fun watching "Dragnet" on Hulu. But since some of you can't access Hulu, and since more of you probably don't want to watch full episodes anyway, here're some YouTube clips.

The best thing about "Dragnet" was Jack Webb's speeches as "Joe Friday." He probably had one of these in every episode. In this one, he's explaining what happens in the first second of a car crash. I saw this when I was about five or six years old, and it made a serious impression on me, because I've always remembered that one line, "your legs... both snap at the knee joint." Yikes. It's been 40 years, but I've never ridden in a car without buckling my seatbelt since.

This is actually from the 1954 movie, not the TV series. Some crook mocks Joe Friday's low salary, and Friday goes off on him. It's kind of bizarre if you think about it -- who the hell knows his salary to the penny like that? -- and corny, of course, but in an awesome way.

Here Friday goes off on a child molester, starting with "Now you listen to me, you gutter-mouth punk" and finishing with "...and now you've graduated, you've moved to the sewer: you're a child molester." Great stuff.

And fortunately, I found a compilation from "The LSD Story." Poor Blue Boy ends up fatally overdosing on LSD. I didn't know that was actually possible.

Finally, every show closed with a voice over telling what happened to the crooks in their trials, followed by the closing theme and then this totally awesome Mark VII Limited Hammer:

Here's a little spoof by Jack Webb and Johnny Carson.

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