Wednesday, April 09, 2008

YouTube favorites

Time for more YouTube favorites. Clips with strong language or that are otherwise maybe not safe for work/children/prudes are marked with an asterisk.

This was a genuine radio ad for CornNuts toasted corn snacks.*

A DEA agent gives a gun-safety lecture, because he's "the only one in this room professional enough" to handle a gun.

Comedian Doug Williams (I never heard of him either) appears at a celebrity roast of football player Emmitt Smith. He starts to bomb, and actor/comedian Jamie Foxx starts to heckle him. Williams tries to hit back, but he's bringing nail clippers to a gunfight when Foxx really turns it loose on him. It actually gets a little painful to watch, but it's also funny as hell.*

In 1977, a pre-stardom Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on the TV police drama The Streets of San Francisco, which today is remembered mainly for inflicting Michael Douglas on the world. Arnold played a bodybuilder who went berserk whenever anyone laughed at him for being a bodybuilder. In this scene, a reporter takes him to her apartment to interview him. She gets him to pose for her, and then makes the mistake of laughing at him, which leads to unintentional comedy dramatic violence.

There's nothing sadder than a whale stranded on a beach.

Karate Kid fans (and who isn't one?) should enjoy this music video, "Sweep the Leg" by No More Kings, which reunites Daniel-san, Johnny, Sensei Kreese, the rest of the Cobra-Kai.

Japanese teens like to spin pens with their fingers when they get bored in class. When they get bored often enough, this is the sort of thing that results.


  1. Okay the pen spinning. We do it over in Thailand too. There was one point when almost everyone was working on their skills and you'd have pens flying about the classrooms here and there. Eventually, the teachers had to ban pen spinning because it was becoming super disruptive. Hahah.

  2. That Jamie Foxx heckling was brutal. Doug Williams had no choice but to sit down. I suspect those two have history based on the intro.

  3. Oakley,
    My daughter says the teachers in Japan used to yell at the kids for pen spinning all the time during her year in middle school over there.

    I don't know what was going on. It was a roast, so I'm not sure the intro was out of line, but Jamie Foxx is one mean MF.


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