Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Good reads/random cool sites (5/6/2008)

An interesting roundup of the New York Times's coverage of President Bush's "mission accomplished" aircraft carrier landing and speech, back when "American casualties stood at 139 killed and 542 wounded."

If you're at all interested in (American) sports, you've probably heard about the softball player who injured herself running the bases after hitting a home run. Since any help from her own team would have nullified the home run, the opposing team carried her around the bases. Here's some video.

Matt Taibbi goes "Undercover with the Christian Right" and finds some "Jesus Camp" style manipulation for grownups.

Nathaniel Johnson has a fascinating piece on raw (unpasteurized) milk in Harper's. It's good for you, or maybe it's bad for you, and it's illegal, but you can buy it anyway.

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