Wednesday, June 11, 2008

YouTube favorites (June 2008)

I think this guy was one of my English students, Sasha Vujacic is The Machine, a new use for cell phones, a favorite commercial, Iron Man and Batman are friends, there's a lot of swearing in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, and "Ohhh, the Beast is down!"

This guy could have been one of my English students, except he's German, not Japanese.

Sasha Vujacic is The Machine.

If cell phones do this to popcorn, what do they do to your brain?

One of my all-time favorite commercials:

Iron Man is a Marvel and Batman is Batman (h/t: Oakmonster).

Quiz: Who has the highest obscenity count in Glengarry Glen Ross? (Lots of naughty words in this one, obviously.)

There's often a freak show element in Japanese professional fighting sports. At 6'4" and a muscular 350 pounds, Bob "The Beast" Sapp took advantage of this aspect to make a fortune from endorsements and personal appearances while fighting in K-1 and Pride. He had no skills at all, but relied on his superior size and strength to overpower his opponents. In this K-1 kickboxing bout, he's fighting a journeyman named Kimo Leopoldo.

Sapp is heavily favored, and at first he dominates, but with a little over a minute left in the first round, Kimo slips in a left hook that puts the Beast several blocks down queer street. Sapp is doing the Gumby walk, but then Kimo eats a right and goes down. Kimo gets back up and then staggers Sapp with a jab. Sapp falls down trying to throw a punch, and the announcer makes one of the all-time great calls: "Ohhh, the Beast is down!" But Sapp beats the count, the referee lets him continue, and the round ends.

Between rounds, the ring doctor inexplicably calls a "time-out" to examine Sapp, resulting in over two minutes between rounds. The second round begins, and Sapp puts Kimo down only a few seconds in. Then Kimo, in a bit of gamesmanship, doesn't just spit out his mouthpiece, he carefully takes it out with his glove and throws it to the floor. The referee sends Kimo to his corner, where his second takes his time rinsing the mouthpiece and putting it back in, resulting in a 30-second rest for Kimo.

It's to no avail, though, because Sapp finally grabs Kimo in a bearhug, throws down a couple of hammer fists to the top of his head, and finally drops him for good with a punch to the back of the head when Kimo slips out of the clinch and turns his back to run.

All in all, it's the funniest fight I've ever seen.

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